2019 Election Notice

A ballot will be held during August/September 2019 for the election of a Pensioner Representative Trustee in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire constituency. The current Pensioner Representative Trustee for this constituency, Stuart Jukes, is also eligible to stand for re-election.

Can I stand for election?
Letters inviting members to request a nomination pack if they are interested in standing for election were sent to members resident in the constituency in early June.

You are able to stand for election, nominate a candidate and vote in the election if you are:

  • a Scheme pensioner resident in the constituency on 1 June 2019 including those in receipt of a widow’s or widower’s pension
  • aged over 18 and in receipt of a child’s pension from the Scheme
  • a deferred pensioner resident in the constituency on 1 June 2019 whose address is held by the Administration Office.

How do I cast my vote?
As usual it will be a postal ballot process although you can choose to cast your vote online, should you wish to do so. Details of how to vote online will be included in the ballot pack issued in August.

Please use your vote. If you live in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire constituency and receive a ballot pack in August please use your vote and choose the candidate who you feel will best serve the Scheme.

Key dates
1 June 2019 - your address on this date determines your constituency for the BCSSS election.
5 August 2019 - the closing date for the receipt of completed nominations.August and September 2019 – ballot period.
18 September 2019 - the ballot closes at noon. The successful candidate will be elected by simple majority.
1 October 2019 - the successful candidate will take office for a period of four years.

The results will be posted on the Scheme’s website and in the next edition of Pensions News.