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Welcome to the BCSSS website

The website provides information for BCSSS members about the way the Scheme is managed, the benefits it pays and the benefits of the guarantee given by the Government. Copies of current Scheme publications, including member fact sheets, recent newsletters and the Scheme’s Report and Accounts, can be found on the website and there are links to other sites which may be of interest to members.

This site aims to give you an overview of the BCSSS, and we hope you will find it a useful source of information. Please remember that the Rules of the Scheme gives legal effect to your benefits and in the event of a discrepancy, the Rules will overrule the information provided on this website.

Please give us your views on the Website, and your opinion of how BCSSS is being run for your benefit.

You can complete a feedback form here, or you can obtain a copy from the Administration Office.

You can write, call or email as follows:

Address: The Administration Office
BCSSS, PO Box 196, Huddersfield HD8 1EG
Phone: 0114 203 4613
Email: bcsss.enquiries@aonconsulting.co.uk

The Scheme regularly contacts a small group of Scheme members, selected at random, to ask them to give us their views on the BCSSS. You can complete a Scheme Survey form here.


If you wish to see your individual pension information, you can register with the administration office website

For pensioners:
You will be able to view your payslips and P60 details.

For deferred members:
You will be able to view a summary of the information shown on your annual benefit statement.

Access to this data is secure and you will only able to access and update your own pension records. You will be required to login or register to access the site.

Keep up to date with all of the news from BCSSS in the latest version of pensions news.

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