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As part of the process of updating the BCSSS website we have sought to
ensure it is accessible to all users. We would welcome your feedback if
there are ways in which you feel we can improve accessibility. Click here for our feedback section.

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You can choose to change the website text size using the buttons in the
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Downloading PDF Documents

Some of our publications are available in Portable Document Format –
usually known as PDF. To download and read a PDF you will need to download Adobe
Reader – please use this link.

General Help

If you need general help in using websites and the internet the BBC have a
special site called Webwise to help you. Here are some other useful links:

Getting started with the internet

How to make your mouse easier to use

How to use your keyboard to control your mouse

Alternatives to a keyboard or mouse

How to change text and background colours to make them easier to read

Learn how to magnify your screen

Find out about screen readers and talking browsers