Pension & taxation

Here you can find answers to your tax related questions including resources for additional information.
How do I contact HMRC by telephone?

From the UK: 0300 200 3300 (Lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays).
If you are calling from abroad: +44 135 535 9022

If you are hearing or speech impaired, there is a text phone service: 0300 200 3319

When calling HMRC, you should have your National Insurance number and the Scheme PAYE reference number to hand. The BCSSS PAYE reference number is 428/NCBP


How do I contact HMRC online?

Details can be found at

Be sure to include your National Insurance number and the Scheme PAYE reference number when you contact HMRC. The BCSSS PAYE reference number is 428/NCBP

We also have all HMRC contact details in the contact section of the Scheme’s website.
What is HMRC's website address?

HMRC’s website can be found at

Or you can get general information on how pensions are taxed from the Government’s website

How do I write to HMRC?

You can write to 
HM Revenue & Customs,
Pay As You Earn,
PO Box 1970,
Liverpool L75 1WX

What tax code will be applied to my first pension payment?

Your first pension instalment is taxed using the current emergency tax code of 1100L (this is the code for the 2016/17 tax year). Once your first pension payment has been made, details of your pension are sent to HMRC who then provide the Scheme administrator with the correct tax code to use for future payments.

Overseas pensioners are treated in the same way for their first pension payment and will initially pay tax. If you live overseas and do not think you should pay UK tax please contact HMRC; if they agree they will provide the Scheme administrator with a revised tax code.

Can you estimate my future tax and net payments?

Unfortunately we cannot provide estimates of tax deductions and net pension payments, as these are based on information set and provided by HMRC, outside the Scheme’s control. But the Government’s website gives a good explanation of the principles at

In the 2016-17 Tax Year the first £11,000 you earn in a tax year is not subject to tax, then anything above that is taxed at 20%, until you earn £43,000 when higher rate tax would kick in. In the 2017-18 Tax Year, the 20% tax band starts at £11,500 and higher rate at £45,000.
Have you received my new tax code?

When you get a revised tax code from HMRC, the same information will normally have been sent to the Scheme administrator, who will apply it in the next available payroll.

If the Scheme administrator receives the new code after the payroll cut-off for the month (which can be a couple of weeks before you receive your pension) it will be applied in the following month.

Why are you using this tax code and deducting this amount of tax?

The Scheme administrators can only use tax codes that are provided to them by HMRC. If you are concerned about the code being applied in your case, you should contact HMRC in one of the ways outlined above.

You pay my pension, why are you not deducting tax?

The Scheme administrators will apply the tax code they have received from HMRC and deduct the relevant amount of tax. If tax is not being deducted, it might be that you are earning below the level at which you start to pay tax (for tax year 2016/17 this is a total of £11,000 from all sources).

Can you help with my personal tax affairs or a tax demand which I can't afford to pay?

Unfortunately we cannot help with this type of query because HMRC will not discuss an individual’s tax affairs with us, so you have to contact HMRC direct, using one of the contact methods outlined above.

Are National Insurance contributions deducted from my pension?

No, pensions are not subject to National Insurance, so National Insurance contributions are not deducted from your pension.